Where Do you Want To Go?

Our Journey® begins takes you through the following steps towards fullfillment of your financial goals:

Personal Data Gathering and Aggregation Meeting

  • Refer to the "Financial Planning Document Checklist" for a list of materials to provide at this meeting;
  • We will carefully discuss quantifiable planning objectives to be pursued and the general planning parameters that your financial plan will encompass, and;
  • We will also review the steps to completion going forward, including timeline an financial expecatations and potential costs associated with the financial planning process.

Financial Planning Discovery Agreement Letter

  • Written Summary of Financial Planning Goals and Objectives;
  • Written Summary of Resouces and Planning Parameters;
  • Written Summary of Financial Planning Fees (if any), and;
  • Engagement Agreement to sign and return with a fee deposit (where required).

Financial Plan Design and Analysis

  • Analysis of Planning Objectives for sensibility, consistency and balance;
  • Comparative analysis of planning alternatives factoring in risk and timing assumptions, economy of effort, and market considerations, and;
  • Determination of Optimal Strategy providing balanced goal achievment, diversification and reasonable return on investment.

Intitial Financial Plan Presentation

  • Draft Run-Through to ensure accuracy and relevancy to plan objectives, and;
  • Begin discussion of implementation strategy and ongoing plan management logistics.

Final Presentation and Implementation

  • Final draft in bound document form (electronic also available with personal website option);
  • Process paperwork/signatures/esignatures to implement recommendations, and;
  • Full disclosure of all expenses, fees, and charges potentially associated with plan implementation.

Ongoing Service and Review

  • Regular and periodic review meetings to compare plan progress to original objectives and timeline;
  • Adjustments to strategies, objectives and assumptions as circumstances demand, and;
  • Ongoing and relevant performance reporting.